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speech analytics

Microsoft Power BI Speech Analytics

For example: Sample Cistera Microsoft Power Bi Dashboard

The power of AI, machine learning and integrated Microsoft Power BI speech analytics, activate customer experience possibilities never seen before. Speech to text analytics tools convert “Too hard basket” questions to dissect, analyze, and resolve piece by piece. Then aggregate them back together to provide a big picture view that also drills back to the source. Microsoft Power BI speech analytics live data dashboards leverage multiple data sources. Efficiency and margins increase through insights into customer satisfaction, loyalty, sentiment, support automation and training opportunities. Happy customers spend more and they come back. 

Speech to text – word frequency analysis

Word frequency analysis captures what customers and agents say with pre-defined keywords. Keyword data can then report on the sentiment or mood of customers. Capture sentiment either in the seconds at the beginning of the call or for entire calls. For example; “I am calling to find out how much is outstanding on my account”. “I’m having difficulty”. “I am not happy”. “I would like to follow up”. “My service is not working”. “This is the 3rd time I have called”. “I would like to update”. “I would like to make a payment”. etc.

Aggregate and overlay speech analytics at selected time points. Overlays can include revenue results, CSAT scores on agent performance, team or geo-location using tables, charts or word clouds for ease of data visualization. Supervisors can access data in live time to train, intervene and manage efficiency. Cistera reports keyword averages but more importantly, organizations have the ability to drill down. Filters can be applied by country, region, state, location, department down to agent. This level of visibility makes it possibly to analyze the root cause of issues and success.

First contact resolution across all channels

The data gets more exciting when overlaid with website chat or knowledge base data. New levels of first contact resolution are measured and built upon. No longer is it enough for the customer to not contact the call center within 7 days. Customers are truly satisfied when they don’t have to make contact on any channel within 7 days. This improves CSAT scores and success metrics.

track events and action issues in REAL time

This level of data assists management to understand which interactions are valuable for the organization. Which are a ‘value add’ for the customer? What functions can you automate?  Are there touch points that may be causing customer retention or loss? It is common for customer sentiment to change at key times such as a product launch or product recall. Custom keyword data sets feed into Power BI speech analytics software. Customer experiences can be captured throughout the life of their association with an organization. Setup alerts at certain points in the process to warn of unexpected complaint spikes or product issues. These may need to be addressed more urgently or in a different way.

Voice of the customer

Speech to text data insights provide management a path to solution through the voice of the customer. Open up improved customer profiles, call analysis and insights by measuring all calls. This provides the greatest predictive value for future behavior and an opportunity for improving communications architecture and training.

What’s more, Cistera delivers both custom and out of the box call recording analysis tools, alert solutions as well as speech analytics tools. We help our clients to retain their customers through deep learning. What does this make possible? Instant change and live training using live data. For example, CSAT scores and compliance can be improved on in live time. All achieved while reducing operating costs.