Opening up Cisco Unified Communications possibilities with innovative solutions and integrations

The Cistera Suite integrates with your Microsoft Power BI platform creating unlimited listening and analytical opportunities.

All key data can be aggregated providing a 360° view of your organization available on all devices.

AnalyzeIT | Cistera

Insights are achieved through live monitoring, automated monitoring alerts, agent screen grabs, intelligent random evaluations, customer feedback and grouped data aggregated on customized analytics dashboards within Microsoft Power BI.


Quickly find calls by customizing search fields to group calls into user-defined keyword categories


Integrate Cistera reports with your Microsoft Power BI reporting to access live data from anywhere on any device Facilitate better, faster decision making with all your IP and LMR recording data integrated into your analytics and reporting

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Realtime Communications Intelligence – voice recording software with screen capture for some or all calls on all devices 100% of the time
Analyze performance integrating The Cistera Suite with Microsoft Power BI, dynamic speech analytics and reporting tools
The Cistera Suite is built on the Cirrus platform providing security access and authentication, network management, UC platform integration, centralized device management and administration
AlertIT is a feature rich tool for broadcast and scheduling within public facilities also providing alerts and situational awareness to first responders
LMRconnectIT integrates radio communications with existing Unified Communications platforms keeping field teams connected at all times