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Cistera partners with global organizations increasing their ability to listen

The Cistera Suite call recording and emergency alert software, empowers organizations to listen more effectively.
Our solutions have broad integration compatibility extending to LMR connectivity to UC networks providing a view of your entire
organization. Expert listening helps our clients to provide premium customer experiences. We offer reliable quality assurance, training
need identification and to protect public safety with automated emergency alert technology. All interactions can feed live
data dashboards for call analytics compatible with all devices.

Cistera solutions

Microsoft Power BI analytics | Cistera

Cistera has mastered the art of making complex tasks feel simple. The Cistera Suite delivers the management of all IP telephony applications with a single point of administration. One powerful yet intuitive portal for all user levels on all devices across multiple locations.

Who we help

Cistera Solutions

Cistera has a global client base across all verticals including education, energy, events, finance, government, healthcare + many more. We work with any medium – enterprise organization wanting to provide exceptional service, ensure compliance and deliver financial and physical protection.

Why Cistera?

Why Cistera?

Cistera was born alongside Cisco’s IP telephony business 22 years ago and has grown, adapted, and integrated with Cisco every step of the way since then. This deep experience helps us to quickly recommend the best way forward for all new customers.

The Cistera Suite logo | Cistera
Realtime Communications Intelligence – voice recording software with screen capture for some or all calls on all devices 100% of the time
Analyze performance integrating The Cistera Suite with Microsoft Power BI, dynamic speech analytics and reporting tools
The Cistera Suite is built on the Cirrus platform providing security access and authentication, network management, UC platform integration, centralized device management and administration
AlertIT is a feature rich tool for broadcast and scheduling within public facilities also providing alerts and situational awareness to first responders
LMRconnectIT integrates radio communications with existing Unified Communications platforms keeping field teams connected at all times

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