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Transit Authority at technology forefront

A Leading Transit Authority uses Cistera in contact centers handling over 2000 calls daily working to ensure the safety, security and schedule of millions of passengers. Public transit is on the forefront of a wave of technology designed to make riding safer and more convenient, and one transit authority is leading the way. The agency has a strong commitment to exploring new communications technologies designed to gather, process and disseminate system information, allowing customers to make better travel decisions. With the operation of fixed route buses, flex route buses, express buses, ski buses, three light rail lines (TRAX), a streetcar line (the S-Line), and a commuter rail train (FrontRunner), The Cistera Suite was adopted to enhance its customer service and customer experience programs. Cistera enables transit authorities to maintain its high level of service delivery by capturing and providing customer call data for information, issues or events, supervisors are able to listen in or review call recordings for:

• Agent performance audits
• Tracking incidents
• Route management

Cistera’s Advanced WorkFlow options include screen capture to capture workstation flow while calls are in progress. Transit Authority technology that meets the expectations of constituents, must focus on increasing IT data capture and analysis to improve efficiency and reduce costs while managing regulatory requirements.