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highway patrol communications | Cistera

Highway Patrol relies on Cistera integration solutions

One of the largest 5 police agencies in the United States, employing more than 10,000 people and over 7,500 officers, uses Cistera highway patrol communications for secure call capture, recording and broadcasting throughout its facilities and departments:

• Administration
• Investigations
• Capital Protection
• Administration
• Aviation
• Public Relations

The Highway Patrol promotes traffic safety by inspecting commercial vehicles, as well as inspecting and certifying school buses, ambulances, and other specialized vehicles. Cistera enables the Highway Patrol to ensure it remains at a high level of readiness and response by maintaining a state of the art highway patrol communications collaboration infrastructure. In addition to being able to capture and record calls either automatically or on-demand, The Cistera Suite also allows both internal and external notification to desktops, remote devices or through the Highway Patrol paging system.