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Why would Cistera LMRconnectIT benefit your organization?

Cistera LMRconnectIT integrates existing phone and radio networks for seamless communication, broadcast, live monitoring and continuous recording functionality. This enhances communication effectiveness across devices, safety and optimized management planning leveraging your existing investment in LMR and Unified Communications to create a combined network.

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Previously phone and radio capabilities did not work together now with Cistera LMR ConnectIT – these systems can operate as peers in your organizations communication infrastructure.

Your current radios and phones can communicate directly with each other through ‘push to talk’ functionality.

In addition your radio traffic can now be recorded and analyzed to improve operating efficiencies and operating analysis.

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Realtime Communications Intelligence – voice recording software with screen capture for some or all calls on all devices 100% of the time
Analyze performance integrating The Cistera Suite with Microsoft Power BI, dynamic speech analytics and reporting tools
The Cistera Suite is built on the Cirrus platform providing security access and authentication, network management, UC platform integration, centralized device management and administration
AlertIT is a feature rich tool for broadcast and scheduling within public facilities also providing alerts and situational awareness to first responders
LMRconnectIT integrates radio communications with existing Unified Communications platforms keeping field teams connected at all times