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Record every interaction on all devices 100% of the time for 100% compliance as well as deep insights through the voice of your customers.

Call recording

Your organization is spending thousands of hours interacting with customers. This creates opportunities for call center analytics. Generate customer experience insights, training needs and in some cases, emergency alerts. Cistera RecordIT call recording software can be customized to your unique requirements to record calls and convert voice to text. Choose between full time recording for agents or on-demand recording for specific instances or for transaction audits.

Training, intervention and compliance

Each customer interaction is an opportunity to improve relationships with customers. Training is an ongoing, often daily process. Each supervisor intervention allows an organization to learn more about how they interact with their customers. Many times, these interactions also yield information on how well the call center complies with policy. Understanding deviation from scripts provides a platform for continuous improvement.

Speech to text

Cistera speech-to-text functionality captures the voice of your customers. Speech analytics integrate with organization analytics to create a top-level view of your organization. Intuitive search functionality provides the ability to also drill down to a single call.

Record, grab, tag and share

Supervisor desktop tools enable random listening and screen share without operator knowledge to monitor, train, optimize workforce management and ensure QA compliance.

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call center sentiment analysis | Cistera

Sentiment analysis

Cistera sentiment analysis provides insights into customer emotions to support better decision making, support, escalation and overall outcomes.

Call barge and call whisper

Live call intervention can be executed in different ways and customized per organization. Supervisory desktop tools enable random listening and screen share without operator knowledge to monitor, train, optimize workforce management and ensure QA compliance. Call whisper provides supervisors the ability to join a call in progress to coach agents without the caller hearing.

Agent scorecard

Positive customer engagement is the most critical component of call center operations. Are all agents working at their optimum level? Which agents needs cross training and in which areas? Cistera call center scorecards are customized to measure the performance and ability of your team. This ensures metrics are meaningful to your organization.


Custom search fields for fast data retrieval to train and investigate. Customized compliance risk detection, prevention and legal protection meeting both PCI compliance regulations.

DTMF masking

Cistera DTMF masking is primarily used for credit card processing. Credit card numbers are typed into a telephone keypad with each keypad touch generating a corresponding signal that is sent down the call line. Before the signal reaches the call center technology environment, it is intercepted and converted into a data packet. These data packets are then delivered to secure servers.

Microsoft Power BI speech analytics integration

“Too hard basket” questions can now be dissected, analyzed, and resolved piece by piece. These insights are then aggregated back together to provide a big picture view that can also drill back to the source. Cistera Microsoft Power BI live data dashboards leverage multiple data sources. Efficiency and margins can be increased through insights into customer loyalty, sentiment, support automation and training opportunities. Happy customers spend more and they come back.

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