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Microsoft show | Cistera

Cistera at Microsoft Ignite Singapore

Microsoft kicks off its Ignite Tour Asia Pacific at the Sands Marina Bay. Cistera development team members are attending the Microsoft Ignite two day intensive sessions on Azure Devops and Sysops, Cognitive Services, Hybrid cloud services and Security as a service.
The key take away from the conference is the how and what of migrating Enterprise Applications from traditional server based applications to cloud components, and indeed the many ways this can be achieved. There are fundamental differences between on premise delivery and cloud delivery, challenges that we are currently working through.

One of the biggest challenges of moving our applications to the cloud, are DevOps and SysOps changes that need to be made internally. An analogy would be not are we changing the model of car we manufacture, we are now going to have to automate the auto factory in an entirely different way than before. So while our customers wait for the new version of software, we need to change all the processes in the factory whilst still rolling out existing models to customers.

Below is an illustration of the path we will follow. As a guide, Cistera 1.x is left most column, Cistera 2.x is the second column, and Cistera 3.x is the 3rd column.

But how we deploy these models are completely different especially as we need to operate a hybrid cloud-on premise model and that is the point of the Ignite Azure Tour.

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