If you have ever had to communicate with a business, perform a transaction, report an emergency or make an appointment, chances are you have used a Cistera solution


Our goal is for our clients to improve every aspect of their business using insights gleaned from Cistera live time data combined with sophisticated communication tools

SINCE 1998

Cistera was founded in 1998 and is now a leading global provider of call recording, speech analytics and business intelligence solutions via on-site server or the cloud


Human Resource Departments

Identifies workforce management and training needs

Training Managers, Team Managers and

Enhanced training needs analysis and training tools

Contact Center Teams

Desktop tools and CRM integration

Marketing and Sales Teams

Identify insights, new busines opportunities and at risk sales

IT Departments

Secure network integration
via the cloud or on-site server

Product Development and Research Teams

Customer insights for more efficient product development


Enhanced employee experiences, engagement and motivation

Management and Finance Teams

Data driven insights to increase revenue, eficiency and security

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