Record IT

Call recording

Listening for business insights

Customer experience is the single biggest differentiator for businesses

Listening for compliance protection

Customized compliance risk detection, prevention and legal protection

Listening for safety & alert activation

Listen to all incoming calls that can activate alerts to safety personnel
Configure Cistera’s RecordIT to meet your organization’s needs and policies. Choose to call recording for some or all calls on all devices 100% of the time, generating BIG DATA APIsData Sheet


Record calls and desktop activity identifying business performance insights as well as generating keyword data points and alerts


MonitorIT provides supervisors and management with a set of on-site and remote tools for live call intervention, training and evaluation to enhance both customer and team experiences

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The Cistera Suite call recording information provides valuable insights for any organization, industry or
department that is interested in deeply listening to their customers, teams and the public to increase
effectiveness, compliance or safety.


Human Resource Departments

Identifies workforce management and training needs

Training Managers, Team Managers and

Enhanced training needs analysis and training tools

Contact Center Teams

Desktop tools and CRM integration

Marketing and Sales Teams

Identify insights, new busines opportunities and at risk sales

IT Departments

Secure network integration
via the cloud or on-site server

Product Development and Research Teams

Customer insights for more efficient product development


Enhanced employee experiences, engagement and motivation

Management and Finance Teams

Data driven insights to increase revenue, eficiency and security


“Cistera solutions are an integral part of our mission to provide teachers, faculty and administrators with a secure environment

so they can focus on teaching and educating.”


Julie Wallace

Birdsville Unified School District

“Cistera and Bell Canada brought a great deal of experience in dealing with our call recording IP telephony application needs. They worked well together by providing a transparent partnership that offered enterprise to enterprise communications”


Andrew McAusland

Concordia University

“The Cistera solution delivers definite advantages. Since we deal with so many large organizations, including hospitals and insurance companies, detailed recordings allow us to ensure the accuracy of our medical and billing information.”


Bob Carver