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Why would Cistera R2R Recording benefit your organization?

Cistera Radio-to-Radio Recording (R2R) facilitates the use of data gathered from radio transmissions. The R2R Recording solution allows network administrators to record, log and playback any group call on two-way radio networks. Cistera R2R is easier to scale and more cost effective than most other solutions. Cistera R2R connects to your existing infrastructure.

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Cistera Radio to Radio Recordings

Cistera radio to radio recording can capture and document all radio to radio communications compatible with most radio manufacturer models, making it an easy and cost effective solution to deploy

• Advanced IP based voice recording solutions including MOTOTRBO radio systems
• Provides Incident Reconstruction, Instant Recall, record archiving
• Radio Communications Recording Solutions
• Communications recording systems for Public Safety, Government, Air Traffic Control, Security, and Operation

Recordings are immediately available for Instant Recall, Forensic Replay, Incident Reconstruction, Quality Assurance, Quarantine, Export and Reporting. They can be stored on a server, data center VM or Cloud for instant access and retrieval.

R2R allows network administrators to record, log, and playback group calls from the radio network. The recording and logging of conversations is automatic, completely seamless and un-intrusive to radio users. All recordings include date, time, channel, talk group radio ID.

Integrates with SIP telephony and radio system, including analog, RoIP, VoIP, digital phones, conventional radio, P25, DMR, MOTOTRBO, and more. Record DMR and Tier 2 Conventional systems.


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Realtime Communications Intelligence – voice recording software with screen capture for some or all calls on all devices 100% of the time
Analyze performance integrating The Cistera Suite with Microsoft Power BI, dynamic speech analytics and reporting tools
The Cistera Suite is built on the Cirrus platform providing security access and authentication, network management, UC platform integration, centralized device management and administration
AlertIT is a feature rich tool for broadcast and scheduling within public facilities also providing alerts and situational awareness to first responders
R2R Recording captures and documents radio to radio communications recordings in offsite locations